Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance Training Course

When we speak about Fire alarm testing or Fire alarm maintenance we should ask:

What are the steps and procedures to test your fire alarm system? Do you know what fire alarm parts are you going to test and/or maintain?

Do you know how to test a fire alarm heat detector, how to maintain smoke detectors or even how to reset fire alarm system after testing?

So what is the difference between testing and maintenance fire alarm system?


Testing is doing some scheduled practices and pre-defined procedures to ensure system liability and by those testing schedules you will save money and protect your property.

Any fire alarm circuit consists of:

  • Main fire alarm control panel (which contains batteries, fuses and screen with led lamps)
  • Sensing fire alarm parts( smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual call points)
  • Notification devices: Devices which produce fire alarm sound or fire alarm beeping like (bells or seriens).
  • Infrastructure: fire alarm cables used or fiber optic cables or even a wireless fire alarm system.

You have to test your system every specified period of time to confirm the liability of your system.

Testing is done using special tools,some for smoke detection and others for heat detection.

For instance if you are going to check your home fire alarm system & hire someone specialized in fire alarm testing, you don’t have to bring him monthly & pay him money;

You can bring him and make the maintenance semi annually (every 6 months).

On the another hand if you have a valuable piece of antique in an important museum you will have to test the system monthly and pay for it.

If your system is older than 7 years you will be obligated to test and maintain your fire alarm system with close attention.

Testing fire alarm system is a fire safety matter that you should implement.


Fire alarm maintenance is to disassemble fire alarm parts and maintain, clean and inspect them separately.

Maintenance basic procedures:

  1. Isolate the detector or the area to be maintained from the fire alarm system
  2. Inform concerned people if any about the maintenance (contact firefighters before maintenance)
  3. Disassemble each detector and test it individually based on schedule.

There is a base for testing even you have to make a sheet for testing the fire alarm system (Enroll in the course to find what this test sheet looks like?)

You should periodically maintain and test your fire alarm system which including checks for:

  • Power supply voltages
  • fire alarm panels batteries check (if any corrosion)
  • Fuses
  • All detectors responses (alarm condition and alarm verification)

Also resetting fire alarm is required during testing the fire alarm system as some of fire alarm parts testing are simple and others are complicated.

Testing and maintenance of heat detectors ,smoke detectors and flame detectors are done using special tools and certain steps for efficient fire alarm testing.

If you want to get a fire alarm training about fire alarm testing and maintenance here is your guide: