• Addressable Fire ALarm System

    What is addressable fire alarm system?

    Let us firstly give you a brief history of what fire alarm system was..

    At the early stages of fire alarm system implementation there was no addressing in areas to be covered by fire detection systems.

    When we say addressing we mean each point or component of fire alarm system is given an address.

    Here is an example for addressing a fire alarm system:

    Suppose you have a fire alarm system that is consists of the following :

    • Fire alarm control panel (1 unit )
    • Fire alarm Manual Call Point ( 3 units )
    • Fire alarm smoke detector  ( 5 units )
    • Fire alarm Heat Detector ( 2 units )

    If you was in the early stages of invention of fire alarm systems , you would be using the conventional fire alarm system (which means all of the above mentioned fire alarm system parts are to be considered as one zone giving one signal).

    Any part of them when activated by detecting a fire, you don’t know which part is giving this alarm.

    It is just the zone containing all the above mentioned fire alarm parts indicates a fire case.

    Nevertheless if you used the addressable fire alarm system you will be able to identify which fire alarm part is giving the alarm signal and in which zone also.

    In our previous case it means that in the given zone you will have:

    • Point #1 : manual call point 1
    • Point #2 : manual call point 2
    • Point #3 : manual call point 3
    • Point #4 : Smoke detector 1
    • Point #5 : Smoke detector 2
    • Point #6 : Smoke detector 3
    • Point #7 : Smoke detector 4
    • Point #8 : Smoke detector 5
    • Point #9 : Heat detector 1
    • Point #10 : Heat detector 2

    Accordingly this means that:

    Each fire alarm part has an address  (from 1 to 10)

    You can identify any fire alarm signal is coming from which fire alarm part.

    You can also in the addressable fire alarm system enter each individual location of each fire alarm part in the commissioning stage to give you in case of fire:

    • The name of the activated fire alarm part
    • The exact location of that activated fire alarm parts,

    Please see also the difference between conventional and Addressable fire alarm system.

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  • Fire Alarm Circuit Wiring and Connections Training Course

    What are the fire alarm and connections?

    The are two types of fire alarm circuit and connection used for the fire alarm sensors and other parts:

    1. Conventional wiring type
    2. Addressable loop type

    And each one has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before implementing fire alarm system which will be conducted in the design phase.

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