What Is Commercial Fire Alarm?

What is Commercial fire alarm?

It is the fire alarm system that is used in industrial or commercial use (like fire alarm systems installed in factories)

It is different than the residential or office fire alarm system but it also has some similarities.

The similarities between commercial and residential fire alarm system is that both of residential and commercial fire alarm systems could be:

  • Conventional and Addressable fire alarm systems
  • Cabled or network or wireless fire alarm systems

The main difference is that commercial fire alarm parts should has more protection than residential fire alarm system (protection against dust and water).

Fire alarm parts like :

  • Central station fire alarm control panel
  • Smoke alarm system or heat alarm detectors
  • Notification appliance devices

What is meant by protection is that the fire alarm system can withstand harsh environmental conditions like water and dust.

So, all outdoor commercial fire alarm system parts should have high IP protection.

What is IP code?

IP code is abbreviation of International Protection marking or Ingress Protection.

This code consists of two numbers which determine or indicate how much the equipment could withstand harsh environmental conditions specially in industrial or commercial fields applications (dust and water).

If we said that we have fire alarm panel with box enclosure of IP 44 what does it mean?

It simply means that the fire alarm panel could be used in an environmental condition that it could withstand solid objects with greater than 1 mm in diameter “ex: wires” & it could resist splashed water from all directions.

Always the first IP number is for solid objects protection & the second IP number is for liquid media protection.

Here is the summery for the IP code:


So when you install a commercial or industrial fire alarm system and you are going to install some of fire alarm system parts in outdoor area according to your application you should guarantee that these outdoor fire alarm parts are IP coded to the exact environmental conditions of the application.

One more thing is that sometimes some fire alarm manufacturers cannot guarantee some IP protection codes for some fire alarm parts,

Don’t be upset !!!

You can use these low IP protection code and put them inside an IP protected enclosure as the IP code according to your application environmental conditions.

(ex: putting the main fire alarm control panel IP44 inside special glass panel that is IP65)

Similar concept is used if you attached to the fire alarm system a wireless security cameras CCTV for ”  home wireless security system”.

The cameras must be minimum IP 65 to survive against weather specially if you are living in areas of hurricanes and continuous rain.

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